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Hi there! I’m Peggy

The first thing I want to do is let you know who I am and what I am about. I am considered an “elder”. I won’t be defined by years, but by accomplishments. I have the wisdom of age and experience. But I’m just getting started.

I am a woman of faith. I am here because of that faith. I won’t preach, but I will speak that faith through what I do. Everything I do runs through that filter of faith.

I believe in what I do. The more I learn, the more I know that this is powerful and true. The other day I was “listening” and I heard “Be a voice in the wilderness. Prepare the way of the Lord”. But I was given this understanding:

Natural health practices are the way of God. He gave us everything we need to stay healthy, and the intelligence and intuition to know how to use it. People are being made ready to know these alternatives to traditional medicine.

This is my voice in the wilderness, speaking to those who are ready. I am gaining knowledge of these “ways”, and I want to share them. I’m not selling anything. I’m offering. I want to be a partner. I want to work with you, to inform your choices, to help your decision making.

My Pledge

I will conduct myself as a professional at all times, and as such, I will use only therapies for the greater good of my client and that I will do no harm. My treatment will be focused on the client, not their dis-order, and I acknowlegdge that my role is that of a Facilitator and Educator of Natural Health, and that true healing comes from within God’s perfect design.

I want to help you design a path to homeostasis, balance, health.
I will share what I have learned, and what I am learning. Your feedback will be important to me. What do you want to know? How can I help?

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