Free Wellness Classes

Taught By:

Carla Anderson NHE ~ Begin Anew LLC
Peggy Kushuba NHE, BS ~ Healthy by Design LLC

Our Classes

All of our classes are postponed until furter notice. Be well. Be safe. Stay home.

Canterbury Apartments Community Center

1604 Canterbury
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Most classes are limited to 15 people

Advanced Muscle Testing

The body doesn’t lie.  Your body wants to tell you what it needs and wants.  Find out how!


Meridians of the Body

There are energetic pathways in the body that can become blocked, causing potential problems.   We will show you where they are and what can be done. 


Field Herbology

Fun class!  We will walk you through your yard and tell you how to find medicinal herbs.


Making of Herbal Medicine

Making herbal medicine, lotions, salves, and tinctures is fun and easy and very inexpensive. Make and take. A small fee is asked. 

Class size limited to 12. 


Past Classes

We may teach these again so keep an eye on our class schedule.

  • Flower Remedies and origins of Disease
  • Glandular typing and hormones
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Food as Medicine

Class Registration

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